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Srotas Vyadha

KeywordSrotas Vyadha
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Vyadha’ means piercing, hitting, striking, wound, cutting , opening ( of a vein ), bleeding (
Implied MeaningThis is derangement of the channel itself because of trauma or vitiation of channels.
ElaborationSrotasa means body channels and Vyadha means piercing, hitting, striking, wound, cutting, opening ( of a vein ), bleeding etc. Srotovyadha means penetration of foreign body into the channels. Vyadha is a type of Dust`i . It is nothing but vitiation of the channels.
Srotovyadha is mostly incurable condition. If foreign body is removed from the deranged channel, then it should be treated as Vran`a .
Asht`aanga Sangraha has explained general symptoms of Sroto Vyadha: Bhrama, Moha, Kampa, Pralaapa, Aadhmaana, S`hoola, Aruchi, Trit `, Chhardi, Jvara, Ati Rudhira Sruti, Mootra Pureesha Rodha, and Maran`a
SynonymsSroto Viddhatva

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