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Etymology/ Definition उष्णोदकंमर्धावशिष्टमुदकम्‌। सु.सू.४५/३९ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.45/39 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.5/16-17
Literary MeaningM / W – hot water , water boiled and so reduced in quantity
Implied MeaningWater is boiled till 1 / 8 th or ¼ th or ½ th of the original volume remains. The remaining water is called Ushn`odaka.
ElaborationThese are progressively heavy to digest ( 1 / 8 th quantity of water is easy to digest as compared to ½ quantity of water ). So it is used in Kaphaja Pittaja and Vaataja diseases respectively.
It is appetite stimulant, and enhances digestive power. It is wholesome for throat ( Kan`t`hya ) with light and hot attribute, purifies bladder, useful in hiccup, flatulence, cough, chronic rhinitis Paarshva S`hoola, and fever ( A. H. Su. 5 / 16 – 17 ).
Contemporary ColloquialLukewarm water

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