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Etymology/ Definitionदन्तान् दृढीकरोति इति ।
ReferenceC.Su.5/28, A.H.U.39/158
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Danta’ means teeth , ‘ Daard`hya’ means hardness, fixedness , stability , strength ( i. e. Increasing dental strength )
Implied MeaningThese are the external or internal medications, which give the strength to the teeth and gums making them strong and long lasting.
ElaborationDantyadaard`hyakara means to make teeth strong. Medicines like Bakula, Tila, Khadira, Arimeda etc. and therapeutic procedures like Dhoomapaana, Gan`d`oosha, Dantadhaavana etc. are helpful in making teeth strong .
Teeth are Upadhaatu of Asthi . Aggravated Vaayu causes depletion of teeth. In such cases Sneha Gan`d`oosha is advisable .

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