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Etymology/ Definitionनाभिस्था: प्राणिनां प्राणा: प्राणान्नाभिर्व्युपाश्रिता। सु.शा.७/५ पंचदशकोष्ठाङ्गेषु एकम्। च.शा.७/१०
ReferenceS.Sha.7/5,C.Sha.7/10,C.Sha.3/6,C.Sha.7/9, A.H.Su.12/2
Literary MeaningUmbilicus
Implied Meaning1. One of the Panchadas`hakosht`haanga ( fifteen visceral organs )
2. A seat of Pitta Dosha
3. One of Das`hapraan`aayatana ( seats of life )
4. One of the three immediate death causing vital points
Sadyahpraan`ahara Marma )
Elaboration1. At embryonic stage it is developed from maternal contribution ( Maatrija Avayava ). Naabhi Naad`ee ( umbilical cord ) connects the foetus to its mother. It contains the vessels through which nutrient fluid is provided to foetus.
2. It is the seat of foetal circulation as all the vessels arise from it.
3. It is the seat of Pitta i. e. seat of Agni .
SynonymsChakranaabhi, Aksha
Contemporary ColloquialUmbilicus

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