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Literary MeaningM / W – creating long life
Implied MeaningThings beneficial for a healthy and long life
ElaborationAayuh ( life ) is a composite of body, sense organs, mind and soul. Some things promote life – span and some are essential to maintain health. So they are called as Aayushkara. Medicines having sweet taste and medicines called as Rasaayana take place in this category. They provide nutrition to all the Dhaatus
Thus the Dhaatu become strong and perform their functions well thereby increasing the resistance power. Thus leading to a long and healthy life. Brahmacharya is the best Aayushkara.
As per Sus`hruta Samhitaa , following things are Aayushkara –
1. Having food only after complete digestion of previously eaten food.
2. Non – suppression of urges.
3. Control over Indriya ( sensory organs and mind ).
4. Learning the Vedaah
5. Non violence
6. Avoiding exerting actions.

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