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Etymology/ Definitionजिह्वानिर्लेखनं रौप्यं सौवर्णं वार्क्ष्यमेवच ।
तन्मलापहरं शस्तं मृदु श्लक्ष्णं दशांगुलम् । सु. चि. २४/१३
Literary MeaningScrapping of tongue, a tongue – scraper
Implied MeaningIt is the cleansing method for tongue.
ElaborationAfter consumption of food, whitish coating develops over upper aspect of tongue. This is to be removed by scrapping it with specially prepared blunt scrappers. These are prepared from metals like gold, silver, copper, tin or brass.
The coating, which accumulates at the root of the tongue, obstructs respiratory passage, and becomes the cause of unpleasant smell.
It may hamper adequate perception of taste. To avoid this, Jihvaanirlekhana should be regularly performed.
It improves breath, and the oral hygiene.
Contemporary ColloquialTongue cleaner,

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