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Etymology/ Definitionमुखे पूर्णे सति य: सञ्चारयितुम् अशक्य: स्यात्
स गण्डूष: उच्यते। अ.ह्र.सू.२२/११ अरुणदत्त
Literary MeaningHolding fluids in the mouth, M / W – a mouthful of water
Implied MeaningGargling with medicated liquid or a decoction or a liquid extract of herbs is called Gan`d`oosha.
ElaborationThe liquid material should be held in mouth till saturated by Kapha Dosha and is impossible to hold it further.
It is indicated mainly in Kaphaja Vyaadhi and in conditions like dryness of mouth, excessive salivation, stomatitis, tinnitus etc.
It is classified as – Snaiheeka S`hamana S`hodhana Ropan`a
Contemporary ColloquialGargling with liquid medicine.

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