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Etymology/ Definitionदशैवायतनान्याहु: प्राणा येषु प्रतिष्ठिता:। शङ्खौ मर्मत्रयं कण्ठो रक्तं शुक्रौजसी गुदम्। च.सू.२९/३
Literary MeaningSeat of life
Implied MeaningAayatana means seat or location. Location where Praan`a ( life ) resides is Praan`aayatana. Injury to and destruction of these sites ( harbours of life ) leads to various diseases and decays the body or even results in untimely, and sudden death.
ElaborationExistence of Praan`a indicates a living body. Praan`a resides in ten important sites in a living human body viz. two temples ( S`hankha ), three vital organs ( heart, bladder, head ), throat ( Kan`t`ha ), blood ( Rakta ), semen ( S`hukra ), Ojas and rectum ( Guda ). A good physician should know about these Praan`aayatana while treating the diseases.
SynonymsMarma, Pran`aashraya

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