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Aahaara Vidhi Vis`heshaayatanaani

KeywordAahaara Vidhi Vis`heshaayatanaani
TypeB. P.
Etymology/ Definitionतत्र खल्विमान्यष्टावाहारविधि विशेषायतनानि भवन्ति तद्यथा प्रकृतिकरणसंयोगराशिदेशकालोपयोग संस्थोपयोक्त्रष्टमानि भवन्ति । च. वि. १।२१ आहारस्य विधि: प्रकारो विधानं वा च. वि. १।२१ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningMethod, sequence of food consumption along with the causes
Implied MeaningGuidelines to be followed for preparation and consumption of food. This is a set of factors regarding diet and consumption of food propounded by Ayurveda
ElaborationThese are very basic guidelines, which should be followed by everybody who is desirous of maintaining good health and preventing diseases arising from consuming unwholesome food.
There are eight important factors to be considered. They are as under:
1. Prakriti ( Inherent Qualities ),
Every substance has certain inbuilt qualities in it. e. g. green gram is lighter for digestion than black gram. Hence one has to exercise caution when consuming them. Green gram could be consumed a little more than black gram. Similarly persons with low digestive power should avoid black gram.
2. Karan`a ( Processing ),
To render the inherent qualities in a form that can be utilised by the Agni the ingredients have to be processed. These processes are called Karan`a as they are instrumental in preparation of food. Some of them are cleaning, churning, peeling etc.
3. Sanyoga Combination, Mixing )
To enhance the properties it becomes necessary to combine the basic ingredients with some others. The synergistic effect enhances the taste, look, smell and nutritional status of final product. Thus the resultant qualities may be more than the sum total of the basic ingredients.
4. Raas`hi ( Quantum ),
To assess the status of Agni. It is important to consider the amount of food intake of the individual. This is done in two ways viz. quantum of individual items consumed during the day and the total quantum consumed collectively in the day.
5. Des`ha ( Habitat ),
This is a consideration of geographical area of produce and the person’s birthplace or of residence. This gives an indication of the natural taste, qualities and homologation.
6. Kaala( Time ),
Consideration of diurnal, seasonal time for consumption of food and the particular stage of disease to plan the patient’s diet.
7. Upayogasamsthaa ( Rules of use ),
These constitute the rules for consuming food like what should be consumed, what should be avoided, when is the food to be consumed etc.
8. Upayoktaa ( User )
It is the person who consumes the food. Okasaatmya ( acquired homologation ), habits are specific to this person only.
SynonymsAsht`a Aahaar Vidhi Vis`heshaayatana

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