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Etymology/ Definitionवय:तरुण स्थापयतीति वय:स्थापनम् । च.सू.४/८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/8, Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Su.5/37,
Literary MeaningM / W – maintaining or preserving the freshness of youth , To rejuvenate
Implied MeaningAct of prolonging life while restoring the body constituents appropriate for the age is called Vayasthaapana.
ElaborationSubstances performing Vayasthaapana increase lifespan up to hundred years and also improve quality of life.
Such substances mainly support body components and improve or maintain their functions at optimum level.
Charaka describes group of Vayasthaapana Dravya in the Sootrasthaana, e. g. Amritaa, Abhayaa, Aamalakee etc.
Contemporary ColloquialTo rejuvenate

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