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Mootra Virechaneeya

KeywordMootra Virechaneeya
Etymology/ Definitionमूत्रस्य विरेचनं करोति इति मूत्ररविरेचनीयः । च. सू. ४/१५ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningMootra means urine and Virechaneeya means to eliminate.
( i. e. Increasing or provoking urine output )
Implied MeaningThese drugs increase urine out put by their cold potency.
ElaborationTo evacuate urine from bladder is known as Mootra Virechaneeya . Drugs having cold potency nourish Mootrvaha Srotas thererby increasing amount of water flitered in it, which is evacuated eventually as urine. This is Mootra Virechana . Such drugs are used in Mootrakrichchhra and As`hmaree ( urinary calculus ).
Charaka has explained some drugs as Mootra Virechaneeya 
E. g. Darbha ( Eragrostis cynosuroides Beauv .), Kus`ha ( Eragrostis cynosuroides Beauv .), Kaas`ha ( Saccharum spontaneum Linn .), Gundraa ( Typha angustata Bory. & Chaub .) 
etc .
SynonymsBasti S`hodhana
AntonymMootra Stambhana

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