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Maamsavaha Srotas

KeywordMaamsavaha Srotas
Etymology/ Definitionमांसवहानां च स्रोतसां स्नायुर्मूलं त्वक् च । च. वि. ५ मांसवहे द्वे, तयोर्मूलं स्नायुत्वचं रक्तवहाश्च धमन्य:, तत्र विद्धस्य श्वयथुर्मांसशोष: सिराग्रन्थयो मरणं च । सु. शा. ९/१२
ReferenceS.Sha.10/12, C.Vi.5/8
Literary MeaningMaamsa means flesh, meat. ( M. W )
Implied MeaningMuscular system
ElaborationAfter formation of Aahaara Rasa , it enters in to different channels. Aahaara Rasa contains nutritive qualities for all Dhaatu . When this Aahaara Rasa enters in to the channel for Maamsa Dhaatu , it provides nutrition.
Moolasthaana ( origin of the channel ) – Snaayu, Tvak, Raktavaahi Dhamanee
Causes of vitiation – consumption of food which is heavy to digest. Abhishyandi, Sthoola Aahaara , day time nap after having meal .
Symptoms of derangement – S`hvayathu, Maamsa S`hosha, Siraa Granthi, death

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