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Etymology/ Definitionअत: ऊर्ध्वं दशौषधकालान् वक्ष्याम: । तत्राभक्तप्राग्भक्तमधोभक्तं मध्येभक्तमन्तराभक्तं सभक्तं सामुं मुहुर्मुहुर्ग्रासं ग्रासान्तरं चेति दशौषधकाला: । सु. उ. ६४।६५
ReferenceA.H.Su.13/37, S.U.64/65
Literary MeaningSpecific timing for medication
Implied MeaningThese are specific timings for medication having functional importance, which are mostly related with meals.
ElaborationDifferent periods for medication described in Ayurveda –
1. Abhakta
This means that the Aushadha ( medicine ) should be administered on an empty stomach to increase the potency of the medicine.
2. Praagbhakta
The medicine should be administered before taking food. In cases of old people, children, debilitated people, and women the drug should be administered at this time.
3. Adhobhakta
When the medicine is administered after food it is Adhobhakta time.
4. Madhyebhakta
When the medicine is administered during consumption of food it is Madhyebhakta Kaala .
In the diseases of Kosht`ha ( abdominal viscera ) this is the time to administer the drug.
5. Antaraabhakta
When the drug is administered in between the two food consumption times of morning and evening.
6. Sabhakta
When the medicine is processed with the food and then administered it is Sabhakta Kaala .
It may be administered with the food also.
7. Saamudga
When the drug is administered before and after the food.
8. Muhurmuhu
The drug is administered repeatedly with food or without food.
In S`hvaasa ( breathlessness ), Kaasa ( Cough ), Hikkaa ( Hiccups ), Chhardi ( vomiting ) the drugs should be administered repeatedly.
9. Graasam – graase
The drug is administered with each of bolus of food.
10. Graasaantaram
The drug is administered after each bolus of food.
11. Nishi
The drug is administered at sleeping time. It is useful in the Oordhva Jatru ( above neck region ) diseases.
SynonymsBheshaja Kaala
Contemporary ColloquialTime of administration of medicine / dosage form

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