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Bhakta S`hraddhaajanana

KeywordBhakta S`hraddhaajanana
Etymology/ Definitionभक्तच्छन्दम् – भोजनाभिलाषम् । सु. सू. ४५/८३ डल्हण सुदर्शनम् अन्नं श्रद्धाजननानाम् । अ. सं. सू. १३/३ पादाभ्यां उद्वर्तनं अन्नश्रद्धाजननानाम् । अ. सं. सू. १३/३
Literary MeaningGenerate willingness to eat
Implied MeaningTo help in restoring lost desire for food and apetite
ElaborationWhen a person looses apetite for food it is called as As`hrddhaa, all those modalities help in restoring lost desire for food are called as Bhakta S`hraddhaajanana. E. g. Mastu ( watery part of curd ), Vastraadi Gaalita Dadhi ( filtered Curd ) etc.
Well decorated food receipies increases desire of food.

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