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Etymology/ Definitionनिदानस्यार्थः प्रयोजनं व्याधिजननं तत् करोतीति निदानार्थकरः व्याधिजनक इत्यर्थः । च.नि.८/१६ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Ni.8/16 Chakrapaan`i
Implied MeaningDiseases, which become cause of other diseases are called Nidaanaarthakara , It is one of the types of causative factors, which leads to another disease.
ElaborationSometimes the main disease subsides but it generates some other disease. The signs and symptoms of this new disease may appear along with the manifestation of the earlier disease. Here the focus of attention for diagnosis and treatment is the previous disease, which becomes ‘ Nidaanaarthakara’ . The line of treatment is in accordance with that of the previous diseases.
SynonymsParatantra Vyaadhi
Contemporary ColloquialComplication of a disease, multiple diseases arising out of original disease
AntonymSvatantra Vyaadhi

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