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Etymology/ Definitionगूढसन्धिसिरास्नायुसंहताङ्ग स्थिरेन्द्रियः । उत्तरोत्तर सुक्षेत्रो यः स दीर्घायु उच्यते । सु.सू.३५/५
ReferenceS.Su.35/5, C.Vi.8/105
Literary MeaningM / W long – life
Implied MeaningA person is said to be Deerghaayu , if he possesses Good`ha Sandhi ( hidden joints ), hidden blood vessels and ligaments, compact body parts, firm sense organs and successively better physical frame.
ElaborationA person who is free from diseases since intra – uterine life and who develops gradually with physical and mental qualities is expected to have long lifespan. Individuals having excellent bony tissue ( Asthi Saarataa ) possess a long life span.
Sus`hruta also explains characters of Madhyamaayu ( medium life span ) and Jaghanyaayu ( short life span ).
Medium lifespan – Characteristics of such individuals: With distinct and extensive two, three or more linear marks present below clavicles, feet and ears, fleshy structure, raised tip of the nose, and streaks in the upper portion of back. Their maximum life span would be seventy years.
Short life span – Characteristics of such individuals: short phalanges, enormously big penis, crisscross hair over chest, back not broad enough, ears positioned away from its normal place, nose higher, gums visible while laughing or talking, and bewildered look.
AntonymAlpaayusha, Jaghanyaayu

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