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Koolachara Varga

KeywordKoolachara Varga
Etymology/ Definitionकूलं नद्यादितटं, तत्र चरन्ति भक्षयन्ति भ्रमन्ति च ये ते कूलचराः । सु. सू. ४६/९३ डल्हण
Literary MeaningM / W – frequenting the banks of rivers, grazing there
Implied MeaningThese animals wander on the bank of the river and other water reservoirs.
ElaborationAanoopa Varga is divided in to 5 types as – Koolachara, Plava, Koshastha, Paadin, Matsya Koolachara is one of the types of Aanoopa Varga Koolachara are the animals, which wander on the bank of the river e. g. Gaja ( elephant ), Mahisha ( buffalow ), Varaaha ( pig ) etc. General attributes of flesh of these animals:
1. It pacifies Vaata and Pitta and increases Kapha
2. It is aphrodisiac
3. It is sweet in taste and Vipaaka
4. It is cold in potency
5. It is unctuous
6. It increases amount of urine.

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