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TypeB.P./ N.
Etymology/ Definition मिश्रं पथ्यमपथ्यं च भुक्तं समशनं मतम्‌ । अ.हृ.सू.८/३३
ReferenceA.H.Su.8/33, C.Chi.15/233, S.Su.46/ 508
Literary MeaningM / W – eating together
Implied MeaningConsumption of wholesome and unwholesome food together is called Samas hana.
ElaborationVarious types of incompatible food come under the term Samas hana , which has harmful effect on body. Cow milk is good to strengthen all body constituents and wholesome to all individuals. If it is consumed in combination with fish, the result is various diseases like Kusht`ha ( various types of skin diseases ). It aggravates Tridosha . It is the causative factor for diseases like Kaasa ( cough ), S`hvaasa ( breathlessness ), Hikkaa ( hiccups )( S. U. 50 / 5 ).
AntonymAnas`hana, Vishamaas`hana

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