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Etymology/ Definitionद्रव्यादापोत्थितात्तोये प्रतप्ते निशि संस्थितात्।
कषायो योऽभिनिर्याति स शीत: समुदाहृत:॥ च. सू. ४/७ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/7, Sh.S.M.4/1
Literary MeaningCold infusion
Implied MeaningCold infusion prepared by putting coarsely ground drug in boiling water and preserving it overnight is known as S`heeta.
ElaborationIn S`haarangadhara Samhitaa Hima is a synonym used for S`heeta .
Method of Hima preparation as per S`haarangadhara – One Pala ( 50 gm ) of crude Dravya is mixed with six Pala ( 300 ml ) of water and the mixture is kept overnight. In the morning it is crushed and then filtered. The resultant liquid is called S`heeta . It is lighter for digestion. It has cold property, and hence is mainly used in Pitta related conditions.
Dose – two Pala ( 80 ml .)
E. g. Aamraadi Hima is used in Raktapitta.
SynonymsS`heetakashaayaka Hima
Contemporary ColloquialCold infusion,

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