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Madya Varga

KeywordMadya Varga
Literary MeaningGroup of liquors
Implied MeaningIt is group of different types of liquors.
ElaborationAnything that causes Mada ( intoxication ) is known as Madya .
It is prepared from different drugs having medicinal values.
General qualities of Madya:
1. It is Pittakara .
2. It is Rochana ( taste enhancer ), Deepana ( appetiser ).
3. It is sour ( Amla ) in taste.
4. It pacifies Vaata and Kapha .
5. It is Hridya ( beneficial to heart )
6. It increases urinary output.
7. It is Vidaahee , penetrating ( Teekshn`a ), Vikaasee .
8. It facilitates the pasage of urine and stool ( Srisht`a Vin`mootra )
Some other Madya, explained in Madya Varga are –
Khaarjoora, Maardvika, Suraa, S`hveta Suraa, Prasannaa, KudhaanyaSuraa, Madhoolaka, Kohala, Jagala, Bakkasa, Suraasava, Tushaamla, Dhaanyaamla.

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