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Paachaka Pitta

KeywordPaachaka Pitta
Etymology/ Definitionपक्तिकृत आहारस्य पाचकागिन्संज्ञं पित्तं । सु.सू.१५/२ डल्हण.
ReferenceS.Su.15/2 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.12/10
Literary MeaningM / W – causing digestion, digestive
Implied MeaningA subtype of Pitta Dosha , which mainly contributes in digestion of consumed food and resides in between the Aamaas`haya ( stomach ) and Pakvaas`haya ( large intestine ).
ElaborationThough it is composed of five primordial elements ( Pancha Mahaabhoota ) owing to the dominance of Tejas element, it is devoid of fluidity. Though fluid in nature, it does not perform any functions of fluid but exhibits actions of fire. It is also termed as Anala, because of its function of digestion and transformation of food and then its division into essence and waste separately. It resides in its site and provides strength to other types of Pitta and Dhaatvaagni . Due to this digestive function, it is labelled as Paachaka.
SynonymsAnala, Paachakaagni

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