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Apaana Vaayu

KeywordApaana Vaayu
Etymology/ Definitionपक्वाधानालयोऽपान: काले कर्षति चाप्यथम्: ॥ समीरण: शकृन्मूत्रं शुक्रगर्भार्तवानि च ॥१९॥ कुद्धश्च कुरुते रोगान् घोरान् बस्तिगुदाश्रयान् । सु.नि.१ /१९
ReferenceS.Ni.1/19, A.H.Su.12/9
Literary MeaningM / W – that of the five vital airs which goes downwards and out at the anus
Implied MeaningThis is one of the five sub types of Vaata Dosha.
ElaborationIt occupies the Pakvaas`haya ( large intestine ) and it works at lower back, pelvic girdle and legs.
Its functions are –
Excretion. It helps in excretion of stool and urine.
It helps in menstruation.
It helps in ejaculation.
It helps the birth of child during delivery.
When Apaana Vaayu is vitiated, it causes diseases of urinary bladder and large intestine.

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