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Etymology/ Definitionफलैः वनस्पति । विनापुष्पैः फलैः युक्ता वटोदुम्बरादयः । यदुक्तं हारिते – तेषामपुष्पाः फलिनो वनस्पतयः इति स्मृतः । च. सू. १/७२ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – tree bearing fruit apparently without blossoms, as several species of the fig , the jack tree
Implied MeaningA large tree bearing fruit apparently without blossoms as the blossom is not seen by naked eyes easily.
ElaborationVanaspati is a type of Audbhida Varga . Fruits are seen apparently without the previous flowering stage in a plant. Actually, these flowers are in subtle stage so that to the naked eyes, they cannot be seen easily. Therefore, it does look like that fruits are formed without flowering. These plants are Vanaspati.
Vanaspati is a term generally applied to any tree.
This word Vanaspati is specifically applied to the Indian fig – tree ( Vat`a ). S. Chi. 12 / 4
E. g. Vat`a Ficus bengalenses Linn .), Udumbara Ficus glomerata Roxb .)

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