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ReferenceS.Chi.1/90-94, C.Chi.25/115
Literary MeaningTo make black
Implied MeaningTo eliminate white marks caused by improper healing of wound.
ElaborationThis is one of the sixty treatment modalities used to treat a wound. This treatment is used when the wound is healed.
Sometimes, when the wound is healed, the skin over the wound becomes white. Blackening measure is employed in white scars caused by improper healing of wound ( Language, purpose needs to alter ). In this, some medicines are applied on the skin i. e. Lepa .
e. g. oil extracted from Bibheetaka Terminalia belerica ), Tagar Valerian wallichi ) can be used.
Some other substances used in this treatment are –
1. Flowers of Hareetakee Terminalia chebula ), Bibheetaka ( Terminalia belerica ), and Aamalakee ( Emblica officinelis ) .
2. Ayorajah ( Red Iron Oxide or Ferric oxide )
3. Kaaseesam ( Ferrous Sulphate or Green Vitriol ).
AntonymPaan`d`u karma

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