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Etymology/ Definitionतत्र शाखा रक्तादयो धातवस्त्वक् च. स बाहयो रोगमार्ग: ।
च. सू. ११।४८
ReferenceC.Su.11/48, S.Sha.5/3
Literary MeaningM / W – a limb of the body, arm or leg, a branch
Implied Meaning1. Part, which is at an extreme point
2. One of the three Rogamaarga ( pathways of disease ). It is considered as exterenal pathway for development of dieases.
ElaborationA. Four limbs are called S`haakhaa of the body.
B. Out of the 3 pathways along which the disease progresses in the body ; it is the external pathway for development of diseases. This comprises body tissues from Rakta and skin. From this pathway various diseases arise viz. moles, patches of discolouration, malignant tumours, haemorrhoids, swelling etc.
SynonymsRaktaadi Dhaatu
Contemporary ColloquialThe extremities
AntonymKosht`ha, Antaraadhih

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