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Etymology/ Definitionभिषक्‌ भिषजा सह संभाषेत। द्विविधा तु खलु तद्विद्यसंभाषा भवति – संधाय संभाषा विगृह्य संभाषा च। च. वि. ८/१६
Literary MeaningM / W – Conversation, dialogue , Samvaada Nyaya Dars`hana )

Implied MeaningIt is a meaningful dialogue between learned Vaidya ( physicians ).
ElaborationIn Ayurveda it is recommended that a Vaidya should converse with another Vaidya to increase self – wisdom, to put forth his own views, to clarify his concepts, and to get new insights into his subject. Hence learned people admire Sambhaashaa Vidhi .
Sambhaashaa is of two types viz. Anuloma Sambhaashaa, Vigrihya Sambhaashaa .
Vigrihya Sambhaashaa is also called Vaada. It is of two types viz. Jalpa and Vitan`d`aa .
When one is expressing his own views ( Paksha ) it is Jalpa . When one is just opposing the other to find out faults in his views without proposing his own views it is Vitan`d`aa .
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