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Etymology/ Definitionजातमात्रस्य वेदोक्त कर्म जातकर्म । च.शा.८/४६ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningLeech M / W – treating on the application of leeches
Implied MeaningJalaukaa acquire their name since they reside in water and their life is purely depending upon water. They are also known as Jalaauyukaa as their abode is water.
ElaborationApplication of leeches is the most delicate method of bloodletting. It is advocated mainly in cases of wealthy people, children and old, timid, debilitate women and delicate people.
Leech emerges from water, lives in cold and is sweet. Hence it is useful for bloodletting when blood is vitiated by Pitta .
Sus`hruta describes two types of leeches:
Savisha Jalaukaa ( Poisonous leeches ) – These are six in number. If a person is bitten by them, then he exhibits the following signs and symptoms: local swelling, excessive itching, fever, burning sensation, vomiting, fainting, local necrosis and depression.
Nirvisha Jalaukaa ( Non poisonous leeches ) – These are also six in number and are identified by the characters like round body, livery colour ( Yakritavarn`ee ), long and sharp mouth, swift motion and sucking type. These types of leeches are used for bloodletting purpose.

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