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Yaanena S`heeghra Gamana

KeywordYaanena S`heeghra Gamana
Literary MeaningTo ride a fast moving vehicle.
Implied MeaningIt has twofold meanig. It helps to locate the site of forigin body and mentioned as a causative factor. Excessive ride leads to develop various dieases related to Vaata ( causative factor of Vaatavyaadhi Vaatarakta etc .)
ElaborationSometimes it becomes difficult to locate the exact position of S`halya ( the foreign body which has lodged itself deep in the tissues after penetrating ). Some common methods are given to recognize the position of S`halya . One of them is to travel on a vehicle speedily. This causes pain and redness at the position of S`halya . Thus one can know the position of S`halya.

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