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Etymology/ Definitionरजस्तमोभ्यां निर्मुक्तास्तपोज्ञानबलेन ये । येषां त्रिकालममलं ज्ञानमव्याहतं सदा ॥ आप्ता: शिष्टा विबुद्धास्ते तेषां वाक्यमसंशयम् । सत्यं ….। च. सू. ११।१८-१९
Literary MeaningM / W – respected, intimate, authoritative person
Implied MeaningWord of an expert or a scripture is the highest and the most important tool of knowledge acquisition and Aapta is the most authentic personal validation criteria in Ayurveda .
ElaborationPeople acquire the status of Aapta owing to their efforts, dedication, perseverance, comprehension, perception of time as a continuum, purity, unbiased attitude, and being above Raajas and Tamas. Their word is taken as truth in the matter.
SynonymsRajastamo Nirmukta
Contemporary ColloquialAdept, respected teacher whose word could be accepted as true

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