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Etymology/ Definitionदधतीति धातव: रसक्तमांसादय: कफपित्तपुरीषाण्यपि प्राकृतानि स्वकर्मणा दधतीति धातव:। सु. शा. ४/५ डल्हण रसादयः सप्त धातुसंज्ञाः शरीरधारणात् धातवः। अ.हृ.सू.१।१३ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceS.Sha.4/5 D`alhan`a, S.Su.14/20, A.H.Su.1/13
Literary MeaningBody constituents, metal
Implied Meaning1. Saptadhaatu ( seven body constituents )
2 . Dosha ( Three basic biological elements )
3. Metals – These are useful to prepare various effective formulations.
Elaboration1. The word ‘ Dhaatu’ is derived from the verb ‘ Dhru’ that means ‘ to support’. They sustain the life process and support the body too.
Rasa Rakta Maamsa Meda Asthi Majja and S`hukra are the seven Dhaatu in the body.
2. Dosha when not vitiated also supports the body by their normal functioning. Hence they too are sometimes called as Dhaatu
3. In Rasa S`haastra Dhaatu means metals like gold, silver etc.
Contemporary ColloquialBody Constituents

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