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Etymology/ Definitionअपकर्षणं हस्तादि संशोधनानि च । च.वि.७/१५
ReferenceS.Chi.15/3,C Vi.7/15 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – taking away, forcing away, removing, depriving of
Implied Meaning1. Chikitsaa procedure – To remove Dosha Mala , and Krimi etc.
2. Surgical procedure – A procedure to remove indwelling foreign body
Elaboration1. Two types of Chikitsaa ( Procedure )
A ) External – To remove vitiated Dosha Dhaatu in Granthi ( Glandular swelling ) with sharp instruments
B ) Internal – To eliminate vitiated Dosha from Kosht`ha by Panchakarma Vamana Virechana etc .) e. g. in Krimi ( worms infestation ) it is required to physically eliminate the worms by using drugs that are mild laxatives like Cassia Fistula .
2. Surgical procedure: Extraction of foreign body

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