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Etymology/ Definitionपचेन्नामं वह्निकृच्च दीपनं तद्यथा मिशिः । शा. सं पू खं. ४/१
ReferenceC.Su.4/9, Sh.S.P.4/1
Literary MeaningM / W – digestive, stimulating ( Agni )
Implied MeaningThe Dravya that enhances Agni are called Deepaneeya . The action of Deepaneeya Dravya is observed in the Aamaas`haya and especially in the Naabhi, as it is the site of Jat`haraagni .
ElaborationThese substances are capable of kindling the Agni but they lack the capacity to digest, convert Aama . These Dravya only stimulate Agni but do not facilitate Paachana ( digestion ). They directly act on Agni and have dominance of Teja Mahaabhoota with pungent, sour, salty taste and Laghu Teekshn`a ( intense ) attributes. e. g. Mis`hreyaa ( Foniculum vulgare ), Chitraka ( Plumbago Zeylenica ) Depending upon the clinical condition present DeepanaI activity can be utilized e. g. pungent substances ) to initiate the gastric fire while salty and sour substances can be used to sustain the same.
Dravya functions as Deepaneeya in different situations as per different Rasa Kat`u Rasa Dravya reduces Kapha , and due to similarity enhances Agni and acts as Deepaneeya . E. g. Rasona Amla Dravya increases Pitta and moves obliterated Vaata in its normal channels and acts as Deepaneeya . E. g. Nimbu ( lemon ).
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