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Etymology/ Definitionमेदसस्तानि पूर्यन्ते स्नेहो मज्जा ततः स्मृतः/च.चि.१५/३२
ReferenceC.Chi.15/32,C.Sha.7/15,S.Su.15/7,A.H.Su.1/13, A.H.Su.11/19, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningOne , which dips in to fill the available space .
Implied MeaningMajjaa is the tissue within and enclosed by bones . It is situated in long bones . It is equated with the bone marrow in the long bones and the contents of the cranium are also considered as Majjaa .

ElaborationMajjaa is the sixth Dhaatu , in the sequential evolution of Saptadhaatu _ s . It is derived from the essence formed after digestion of Asthi Dhaatu .
Bone Marrow fills bony cavities ( Asthi Pooran ` am ) and imparts strength and unctuousness to the bones and nourishes the S ` hukra Dhaatu ( the reproductive tissue ).
In volume Majjaa ( Bone marrow ) measures one Anjalee .
Diseases or symptoms due to its vitiation are pain in joints , skin eruption , giddiness and syncopal episodes .
Only S ` haarangadhara mentions body hair as Upadhaatu of Majjaa .
Oily components of skin secretion , conjuctival secretion and the unctuousness in the faecal matter are waste product of Majjaa Dhaatu .
Contemporary ColloquialMarrow and contents of the cranium

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