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Etymology/ Definitionसमवायी तु निश्चष्टः कारणं गुणाः। च. सू. १/५१
Literary MeaningM / W – attributes, properties, traits, qualities
Implied MeaningOne which possesses inseparable concomitance ( allegiance ) and is devoid of efforts is called Gun`a .
ElaborationUnlike Karma ( action ), Gun`a ( attribute ) is devoid of any efforts.
The Gun`a are classified as:
Vims`hati Gun`a ( 20 in number ) – Dravya possesses these attributes, which reflects the action of those particular Dravya. e. g. Guru ( heavy to digest ), Manda etc.
Saartha Gun`a are related to Indriyaartha ( objects of sense organs ) and are 5 in number. These are the five sensory stimuli viz. S`habda ( sound ), Spars`ha ( touch ), Roopa ( vision ), Rasa ( taste ), Gandha ( smell ) constituting the distinctive features of the five element i. e. Aakaas`ha Vaayu Teja Aapa Prithvee
Aatma Gun`a are related to Atman ( soul ) and are 6 in number.
4. Paraadi Gun`a ( 10 in number )
Contemporary Colloquialproperty, attribute, traits, quality

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