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Etymology/ Definitionपक्वेति निरामाः । च.चि.१५/९५ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Chi.15/95, M.Ni.1 Madhukosha
Literary MeaningOne without Aama ( undigested form of food )
Implied MeaningThis term is applicable to fully digested form of various entities. It has various connotations like Niraama Vaata Niraama Pitta and Niraama Kapha etc.
ElaborationNiraama stage of Dosha is highly important from the treatment perspective as it alters the track of the treatment. A competent physician should properly demarcate between Saama – Niraama stage and treat accordingly. One cannot eliminate Dosha in undigested form ( Saamaavasthaa ). When they get converted into digested form ( Niraamaavasthaa ) with various digestive methods ( Fasting, by Paachaka substances etc .) only then these can be removed by nearest path with different treatment modules like emesis, purgation etc.
Madhukoshakaara has described symptoms of Niraama Dosha

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