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Etymology/ Definition स्कन्ध: समूह:। च.वि.८/१३७ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – a part, a chapter , section
Implied MeaningIt is a group of substances having similar taste. This is described in Charaka Samhitaa . They are 6 in number and are useful for various treatment modalities like Basti ( enema ).
ElaborationMadhura Skandha ( group of sweet substances ) comprises substances like Jeevaka ( Microstylis musifera Ridley ), Medaa ( Polygonatum verticiliatum ) and S`haalee ( oryza sativa ) etc.
Other groups of Dravya ( substances ) described in Charaka Samhitaa are:
Aamla Skandha – group of sour substances
Lavan`a Skandha – 
group of salty substances
Kat`uka Skandha – 
group of pungent substances
Tikta Skandha – 
group of bitter substances
Kashaaya Skandha – 
group of astringent substances
SynonymsGan`a Varga
Contemporary ColloquialGroup of substances having similar actions, indications etc.

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