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Vikalpa (Dosha / Rasa)

KeywordVikalpa (Dosha / Rasa)
Etymology/ Definitionविकल्पो भेदप्रकारः । सु..सू.४५।९५ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.26/27, S.Su.45/95 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – alternative, option
Implied MeaningVikalpa means different types or options. A physician should know various combinations of Dosha, Rasa , and Sampraapti ( Pathogenesis due to different contributing Dosha ) for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of disease.
ElaborationDosha are basic biological elements, which in a balanced state support the body and in an imbalanced stage lead to diseases. While diagnosing a disease a physician should know precisely about the various factors responsible for the pathogenesis. Breaking the continuous chain of pathogenesis is the first right step towards a treatment. A physician who knows, the various combinations of the involved Dosha and its subtype as well as the corresponding combination of the tastes to counter it, can do it effectively.
In the management of Kaasa, main Dosha is Vaata and its subtype is Praan`a Vaayu . Hence the combination of tastes is sweet, sour and salty. Depending upon the causative factors the combination changes. This is true of all other diseases too.
Vikalpa deals with pinpointing, and fine – tuning the condition and then matching it with the Rasa combination for treating and setting the imbalance right.

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