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Etymology/ Definitionइन्द्रियाणि श्रवणदर्शनस्प
ReferenceS.Sha.4/3 D`alhan`a, S.Sha.1/4
Literary MeaningM / W – faculty of sense
Implied MeaningThese are five sense organs responsible for perception of respective Indriyaartha ( object of the sense organ ).
ElaborationS`hrotrendriya ( ears receiving S`habda , sound ), Spars`hanendriya ( skin sensing Spars ha , touch ), Chakshurendriya ( eyes perceiving Roopa , vision ), Rasanendriya ( tongue feeling Rasa, taste ) and Ghraan`nedriya ( nose sensing Gandha, smell ) are the five sense organs. They are the representatives of five primordial elements Pancha Mahaabhoota.
Contemporary ColloquialSense organs

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