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Etymology/ Definitionवाग्घहस्तपायुपाद इति पञ्च कर्मेन्द्रियाणि । सु.शा.१/४
Literary MeaningM / W – an organ of action ( five in number like the five organs of senses viz. hand, foot, larynx, organ of generation, and excretion )
Implied MeaningThese are motor organs of the body, which are five in number.
ElaborationIn the process of evolution, Karmendriya ( motor organs ) are supposed to have emerged from Vaikaarikaa Ahamkaara in collaboration with Taijasa. These are 5 in number viz. Vaak ( speech ), Paan`i ( hands ), Paada ( feet ), Paayu ( anus ), and Upastha ( genital ).
Concerned deity of each motor organ is as follows:
Speech – Agni
Hands – Lord Indra
Feet – Lord Vishn u
Anus – Mitra
Genital – Prajaapati
Contemporary ColloquialEffect organs

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