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Etymology/ Definitionयो विपरीत लक्षण औषधान्नविहाराणामुपयोग सेवनमसुखावह: सोऽनुपशय उच्यते। अ. हृ. नि. १/७ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Ni.1/7, M.Ni.1,
Literary MeaningM / W – any aggravating
Implied MeaningThe entity viz. drug, diet or regimen, which aggravates the symptoms of the disease, is called Anupas`haya .
ElaborationThese are the precipitating factors. They are a help in diagnosing a condition, which has masked symptoms. A precipitated Dosha can be managed better than a masked one. It is also a tool for diagnosis like Upas`haya . It has exactly opposite characteristic of Upas`haya .
Contemporary ColloquialPrecipitating factors, aggravating factors

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