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Etymology/ Definitionअपतर्पणं अभोजनम्। सु. चि. १/११ डल्हण
ReferenceA.H.Su.14/1, S.Chi.1/11 D`alhan`a, .
Literary MeaningM / W – fasting
Implied Meaning1. Langhana is either voluntary like intended fasting or it is an indirect action like effect of some drugs. It reduces excessively increased Dhaatu and Dosha
2 . A procedure for treatment of ulcer ( Vran`a )
ElaborationThis is a basic concept propounded by Charaka. All those substances, attributes and / or functions, which result in depletion of body constituents substantially, qualitatively or functionally are called Apatarpan`a e. g. use of light, dry, hot substances, use of pungent, bitter or astringent tastes or fasting, exercise are all examples of Apatarpan`a.
and Langhana appear as synonyms. It is of seven types according to Vaagbhat`a. Paachana ( to digest partly converted matter like Aama ), Deepana ( to kindle the gastric fire ), Kshudhaa Nirodha ( to withhold hunger ), Trit` Nirodha ( to withhold thirst ), Vyaayaama ( exercise ), Aatapa Sevaa ( exposure to sun ) and Maaruta Sevaa ( exposure to wind ) are the methods used to bring about Apatarpan`a.
As a result of these methods the Agni function improves and Aama is converted to a harmless form and the Dosha, Dhaatu and Mala are of optimum quantity, quality and function.
2. Indicated in treatment of ulcer, which reduces accumulation of Dosha at the site of ulcer ( Vran`a ).
AntonymBrimhan`a Santarpan`a

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