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Garbha Bhaava

KeywordGarbha Bhaava
Literary MeaningThese are the factors contributing to fertilisation and development of foetus.
Implied MeaningAfter conception ( S`hukra S`hon`ita Sanyoga ) various factors help in the growth of foetus in various aspects. These factors are Garbhakara Bhaava.
ElaborationThe foetus is a result of six factors concurrently present in a uterus that is conducive to fertilisation. These are collectively known as Garbhakara Bhaava. Each contributes in a certain way to the development of the foetus as stated below:
1. Maatrija – Skin, blood, adipose tissue etc.
2. Pitrija – Hair, nails, teeth etc.
3. Aatmaja – Mana ( mind ), Indriya Sukha – Duhkha etc.
4. Saatmyaja – Health, good complexion and voice etc.
5. Rasaja – Enthusiasm, nourishment, fulfilment
6. Sattvaja – Cleanliness, hate, memory etc.
SynonymsGarbhaarambhaka Bhaava
Contemporary ColloquialFactors contributing to or facilitating conception
AntonymGarbhopaghaatakara Bhaava

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