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Etymology/ Definitionछर्दिं निगृह्णाति हन्ति इति छर्दिनिग्रहणः । च. सू.४/१४
Literary MeaningChhardi means vomiting and Nigrahan`a means to hold down or to suppress
Implied MeaningSubstances, which hold down or suppress the vomiting are termed as Chhardinigrahan`a .
ElaborationThese substances act in two different modes.
1. Aggravated Udaana Vaayu induces Chhardi ( vomiting ). Substances like Ghee, juice of pomegranate, ginger etc. suppress vomiting by pacifying the aggravated Udaana .
2. A few substances pacify symptoms like burning sensation ( aggravation of Pitta ), nausea ( aggravation of Kapha ) and act as agents suppressing vomiting.
The following terms can be understood on similar lines:
Hikkaa Nigrahan`a – Substances, which suppress hiccups
Trishn`aa Nigrahan`a – Substances, which suppress thirst
SynonymsChhardis`haamaka Chhardighna
Contemporary ColloquialAnti emetic

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