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Etymology/ Definitionरक्षाभूषण निमित्तम् बालस्य कर्णौ विध्येत । सु.सू.१६/३
Literary MeaningTo Prick child’s ear lobule.
Implied MeaningChildren’s ears are pierced for the purpose of protection from supernatural powers and ornamentation.
ElaborationThis should be done in the sixth or the seventh month, at a bright lunar night and on an auspicious day. On this occasion auspicious and valedictory hymns should be recited. Then the child should be placed on the lap of a wet – nurse or a male attendant who should engage and console the child with toys. Then the physician should pierce the ear lobe with his right hand at a naturally designed hole by pulling the ear with his left hand. He should do this swiftly and evenly by a needle or an awl depending on whether the lobe is thin or thick. There should be suns rays throwing light at the backside of the ear. In a male or a female child first the right and then the left lobe should be pierced and then cotton wick should be inserted in the pierced hole.

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