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Etymology/ Definitionऋतुविशेषशाच्चाहार विहार सेवन प्रतिपादनार्थमृतुचर्या । अ. हृ. सू. ३/१
ReferenceA.H.Su.3/1 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningSeasonal regimen
Implied MeaningAyurveda describes six seasons ( Ritu ). The specific regimen to be followed in these seasons is called Ritucharyaa .
ElaborationEvery season comprises of two months. Every season has particular environmental conditions. Dosha are naturally in different Avasthaa ( conditions ) like Chaya ( accumulation of Dosha ), Prakopa ( aggravation ) etc. Hence seasonal regimen should be followed to pacify the particular aggravated Dosha e. g. Aggravation of Vaayu occurs in Varshaa Ritu ( rainy season ), that of Pitta in S`harada Ritu ( autumn ) and that of Kapha in Vasanta Ritu ( spring ). Due to dominance of Vaata Dosha , in rainy season , Agni is working at a lower level. Hence to pacify Vaata and to restore digestive power Laghu Dravya ( light diet ) should be consumed and treatment procedures like enema, massage with oil should be administered.

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