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Etymology/ Definitionयाभि: क्रियाभिर्जायन्ते शरीरे धातव: समा: । सा चिकित्सा विकाराणाम् । च.सू.१६।३४ चतुर्णां भिषगादीनां शस्तानां धातुवैकृते । प्रवृत्तिर्धातुसाम्यार्था चिकित्सेत्यभिधीयते । च.सू.९/५
ReferenceC.Su.16/34, C.Su.9/5
Literary MeaningTreatment, management of disease, M / W – practice or science of medicine ( esp. therapeutics, one of the six sections of med .)
Implied MeaningThe term ‘ Chikitsaa’ implies the action initiated by the physician to achieve Dhaatu Saamya ( equilibrium state of body constituents ) as well as equilibrium of Dosha .
ElaborationAny measure when adopted helps to establish the disturbed equilibrium of the body constituents it is termed as Chikitsaa . This should be carried out by only a competent and qualified Vaidya ( physician ). This is the aim of Chikitsaa .
Every action or effort of a physician towards the equilibrium of Dosha and Dhaatu with the help of medicinal or non – medicinal form may also label as Chikitsaa .
SynonymsRukpratikriyaa Rogaapanayana Roganidaana – pratikaara Vyaadhiharam Pathyam Prakriti Sthaapanam Hitam Praayas`hchittam Pras`hamanam
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