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Chhatra Dhaaran`a

KeywordChhatra Dhaaran`a
Etymology/ Definitionईतेः प्रशमनं बल्यं गुप्त्यावरणश्रुरम् । घर्मानिलरजोम्बुघ्नं छत्रधारणमुच्यते । च.सू.५ /१०१
ReferenceC.Su.5/101, S.Chi.24/76
Literary MeaningTo use an umbrella
Implied MeaningTo use an umbrella ( or other protective covering ) while going outside.
ElaborationUse of umbrella is indicated in the code of conduct. One should use an umbrella ( or other protective covering ) while going outside. It provides protection from rain and sunrays. It acts as a covering and protects from dust, wind, and snow. Thus, it is a good prevention for many diseases. Holding umbrella is wholesome for complexion, vision and Ojas and has over – all salutary effect.
Charaka Samhitaa says that umbrella gives protection from ghost, evil spirits etc.
The head is the organ which harbors the Dnyanedriyan`i and Karmendriyan`i along with Sneha Majja Mastulunga and Tarpaka Kapha and other body constituents like 37 Jatroordhva Marmas _ s . Exposure to strong sun, snow, rain interfere with their function and affect then adversely resulting manifestation of disease. Hence using an umbrella is strongly advised to protect the head and the contents of the vault of the cranium.

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