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Etymology/ Definitionदैवमदृष्टं तदाश्रित्य यद्वयाधिप्रतीकारं करोति तद्दैवव्यपाश्रय बलिमङ्गलादि । च. सू. १।५८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.1/58 Chakrapaan`i, C.Su.11/54
Literary MeaningSpiritual therapy
Implied MeaningA type of treatment, which deals with treating the diseases with the things like Man`ee ( gem , any ornament ), Mantra ( a Vedic hymn or sacrificial formula ) etc.
ElaborationSpiritual therapies are incantation of Mantra ( Vedic hymn ), talisman, wearing of gems, amulets, auspicious offerings, observance of scriptural rules, fasts, chanting of auspicious hymns, going to pilgrimage etc. These therapies have empirical powers to eradicate disease instantaneously. It pacifies diseases mainly from divine influence. It is an Adravyabhoota Chikitsaa ( where no substances are employed in the therapy ) and is advocated in Maanasa Vyaadhi ( psychological disorders ).
SynonymsMantra Chikitsaa, Adravyabhoota Chikitsaa
AntonymYuktivyapaashraya, Sattvaavajaya

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