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Prasava Kaala

KeywordPrasava Kaala
Etymology/ Definitionप्रसवः गर्भजन्मकाल
Literary MeaningTime of delivery
Implied MeaningThis is the actual time of birth of a baby.
ElaborationCharakaachaarya describes specific period for the delivery. The first day after the eighth month i. e. from the first day of the eighth month till the end of the tenth month is known as the period of parturition. Normally delivery takes place during this period. The retention of foetus in the pelvis thereafter is abnormal.
The time from the first day of the ninth month till the last day of the tenth month of gestation is considered as most conducive period for normal delivery. But according to Sus`hruta this period may extend to even the eleventh or twelfth months. But that period is likely to be involved with minor difficulties.
SynonymsPrasutee Kaala
Contemporary ColloquialExpected delivery Date, time

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