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Etymology/ Definition सन्धानम्‌ – व्रणौष्ठादिसंयोजनम्‌ । सु. सू. १/४५ डल्हण
सन्धानीयौ – भग्नसन्धानजननौ । अ. हृ. सू. १५/३९ हेमाद्रिः
सन्धानम्‌ – विच्छिन्नास्थ्यादिसंश्लेषकम्‌ । अ. हृ. सू. ५/५२ हेमाद्रिः
ReferenceA.H.Su.15/39, S.Su.1/45
Literary MeaningM / W – causing to grow together, healing ( i. e. Joining two things mainly fracturered bone or open wound .)
Implied MeaningSandhaana is union of any two or more things. Sandhaaneeya is a quality of a drug or of a procedure which helps to joins two or more molecules to each other and thus helps to provide stability.
ElaborationSandhaana is a uniting process. It binds two molecules. Therefore, it means that any drugs having this action will enhance this binding process ; which is useful in wound or bone healing. Sandhaana will lead to stability and make the body sturdy.
“ Sandhaana ” is one of the procedures explained about wound healing. Priyangvaadi Gan`a and Ambasht`haadi Gan`a are Bhagna Sandhaana Janana .

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